Sunday October 6 at New Horizons CC

Women’s Retreat – This is your last Sunday to sign up for the October 11-12 Women’s Retreat at Camp Christian. Eighteen women are signed up so far, and there is room for two more.

Early Service – Our informal prayer service complete with communion and a short message starts at 9am and is over by 9:30am. We meet at the front of the sanctuary.

Missionary from China – Michael K., our missionary recently returned from the Chinese mission field will make a presentation during the Sunday School hour (9:30) in the Lord’s Workers Classroom.

Breakfast at 9:30 – Sally Ramsey is helping to provide a simple breakfast in the Social Hall for those not attending Sunday School. She will also have some activities for children.

Worship and Wonder – Children will leave the sanctuary as a group for their own very special worship service. Parents remember to pick up their children after worship in the Loyal Comrades Classroom.

World Communion Sunday – Our series on “The Troubling Teachings of Jesus” focuses om the Good Samaritan story – a great one for World Communion Sunday.





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