This Weekend at New Horizons

Women’s Retreat  – The Women’s Retreat begins tonight (October 11) at the Monroe Lodge at Camp Christian.  Rev. Margot Connor will be the program leader. Thanks to Holly Bane for organizing this and for all the women who have committed to attending.

The Troubling Teachings of Jesus – This week’s text is Matthew 13:44-46, and the sermon title is “What is your Pearl of Great Price?” All worship participants will receive a special gift (almost priceless).

Worship and Wonder – We will have a slight change this week in worship, but our children will still be led out during “Jesus Loves Me This I Know.”

Breakfast Program – Meeting in the Social Hall Sunday at 9:30am.

Upcoming Meetings: Elders (Tuesday Night Oct. 15 at 7); Men’s Group (Saturday October 19 at 8:30am at the Artisan Coffee House)

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