Happy New Year at New Horizons

Start the New Year in a positive way by joining us at New Horizons this Sunday January 5. This year starts a new decade and is also a Leap Year so you know it will be special.

“What Journey Will You Take in 2020?” is our sermon topic as we will hear about the magi and connect their journey to our own.

“Worship and Wonder” will be encountering the Baptism of Jesus, and our children will have a breakfast and lesson at 9:30AM led by Sally Ramsey.

After worship, we will be taking down and putting away our Advent decorations. Every good thing comes to an end.

Next weekend will be busy. The Sisters in Christ will gather at the Bane house on Saturday January 11 at 9:30AM. This event is for all those who want to be part of this ministry – even if you were not a Secret Sister  in 2019. On Sunday January 12 we will have the early service worship option at 9:00AM, and we will be having a baptism at 10:45AM.

Join us.




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