New Horizons Christian Church Update

New Horizons Christian Church Update on Monday March 16, 2020 from Pastor Jim
A clergy colleague said during a conference call on March 15 that he couldn’t remember how many decisions he had made in the past week that he had to undo a few hours later because of changing circumstances. I would share his observation.
I don’t have any idea if the week to come will be as eventful as last week when so many institutions were shut down from colleges and universities to public schools to bars and restaurants and even libraries and fitness centers.
If churches could livestream their services on You Tube or Facebook they did so – sometimes in an empty sanctuary and sometimes with people spread out in the pews. As for New Horizons, thanks to Adam Seger who recorded my sermon on Saturday morning and then made sure that it was available the next morning. And Dorine Linnen linked it to our Facebook page. We have had at least 90 views as of this morning including some from out of state. We all missed something by not worshipping together, but I am glad that we could share some community together.
I will not predict what we will be doing when April arrives, but I do know that the CDC is recommending against all groups of at least 50 or more meeting for the next eight weeks. As for now and at least through the end of March, we will not worship in person but we will continue to have a new sermon available on Sunday morning. This week’s text is John 5:1-9. I think I am changing my sermon title to “Getting Off the Mat.”
In terms of groups that would have met this week –
The Tuesday small group has been cancelled.
Our Prayer Team will not meet at the church but will be sent prayer lists to pray at home.
Our Search Team will not meet, and their meeting has been postponed until March 31. They will receive material to look at via email.
The Wednesday night small group on Miracles will not meet.
No Quilters on Thursday.
Most of are outside groups have already cancelled their meetings and we are contacting the rest of the to have them cancel as well.
Food Pantry We are in discussion about how best to serve our neighbors during this time. We anticipate an increased need.
Elders I anticipate gathering the Elders together next week to make an updated assessment of how we can continue to be the church in these challenging circumstances.
Finances Here is a note from Glenn Warner, Chair of the Trustees:
Our lives have been disrupted and changed due to the coronavirus pandemic. We are seeing things that we haven’t seen in decades or for some of us never before. Unprecedented times are challenging for all of us and this includes our church.
Our bills at home will continue and so will the bills for our church. We are asking each of us to continue with our giving throughout the time that we will not be meeting at our church. Please continue to give by either mailing in your gifts to the church, or you may stop by the church on Thursday between 1:00 and 3:00 P. M. Brenda will be there during these hours. We will get back to a normal life eventually, however, we can keep our church going through these measures in the meantime. Trust in our Lord and in each other and keep our faith and church strong.

God Bless,

Glenn Warner, Trustee

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