Sunday May 22 at New Horizons Christian Church

Worship Reminder: There will be no in-person worship this Sunday March 22, and all Sunday events have been cancelled.

A mini-worship service from New Horizons will be available for viewing on our YouTube channel on Sunday morning by 10AM.

You can access this worship service from our website http://www.newhorizonschristian.org by clicking on the YouTube link or by going directly to YouTube. We will also put a link to it on our Facebook page.

Office Hours; Generally speaking either Rose or Jim will be checking in at our church office every day, but if you want to catch one of them in person please call or email them to make sure they are in.

Finances: Thanks to all those who have either mailed in their checks or stopped by to drop them off at the church  office.

All weekly activities at the church have been cancelled until further notice.

Look for an update on Sunday worship in next week’s blog.


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