Pentecost – May 31

Pentecost Sunday – This will be an exciting weekend at New Horizons Christian Church. As always, our worship service will be available at 9am on our YouTube channel. The message this week will be an adapted drama called “It’s the Spirit.” No expenses have been spared in terms of costumes and props. In other words, there may be a hat or two plus a table and two chairs. That’s what our production budget could afford.

And at Noon on Sunday Drive into the church parking lot for Brianna Allen’s graduation event. Wish her the best as she makes plans to attend Ashland University in the fall.

As you drive in, pick up a geranium to take home and plant as a symbol of the new life that the Holy Spirit brings us. Do you need a mask (or an extra one to wear between washings)? Karen Burridge will be making three sizes available – Adult, Tweens, and Child Size.

We hope to see many of you in person (or in cars) on Sunday from Noon to 2.. It will be fun.

Reopening Survey Thanks so much to all who have submitted responses to last week’s survey. As of a few days ago, we had about 50, and I know that a few more are coming in. Your thoughts and views have been very helpful to the Reopening Team, the Worship Team,  as well as to the Elders. We are adapting our thinking and planning based on your responses.

Plans for Worship

  1. We will be having our Grads and Dads celebration outside in our parking lot on June 21 at 10:45AM.  We have learned that outside is much safer than inside.
  2. At this point, we are leaning away from having a tent and are encouraging attendees to either stay in their cars or sit in chairs (that you will bring).
  3. Our parking lot is big enough for everyone to attend and to practice social distancing.
  4. If you can bring your own communion, that would be great, but individual communion servings will be available.
  5. If you will be outside your car, masks are highly encouraged to protect others.
  6. The building will not be open except for the restrooms.
  7. If you are not sure if you want to attend, but you want to drive by and check it out, please do.
  8. Weather – if there is a downpour, our worship leaders will take the service inside and record it to put on YouTube later in the day. Our plan is to have our AM transmitter up and running so you can listen to it on your car radio. We will keep you updated as we get closer.
  9. Our goal is to learn from June 21, make improvements, then offer some more outside services in the summer. But we are starting with June 21.
  10. Regardless of how often we may have in “in person” or “in car” worship, we will continue to offer an online version of worship.

Mission Emphasis We are gearing up to fill our soon to arrive blessing box and to restock our food pantry. Please bring non-perishable food items on the 21st or any other time as well. There is someone at the church every day. Just call ahead.

Small Groups

Some of our small groups are making plans to meet in person in the parking lot.

Ali has set up a “NHCC Women’s Group” Facebook page.

Elders will meet Tuesday night June 2 by Zoom.

No Bible Study on June 3 since Pastor Jim will be out of town that night.


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