The Reopening of Our Parking Lot, Future Events, and a Message from our General Church

Ministry in the Parking Lot: I have always viewed our parking lot at New Horizons as a great asset and that was certainly illustrated last Sunday May 31 (Pentecost). In the morning, our Friendship Class met outside for their first “in person” session since March, and they plan on meeting again on June 7.

From 12 – 2, we had a variety of activities including Brianna Allen’s high school graduation party, an opportunity to receive a mask to wear to protect others from the coronavirus,  the giving away of geraniums to plant as a symbol of the Holy Spirit, plus the chance to make a food offering for the Free Store at Camp Christian.

And the real bonus of the day was being able to interact (in a socially distant and safe manner) with people most of us had not seen in person in months. It was wonderful.

The response to all of these events was fantastic. The Friendship Class has 17 people in the morning, a trunk full of food was donated, many masks and flowers were distributed, and I counted over 50 church people who I knew in attendance in the afternoon (plus others who were there for Brianna’s party). And I know that many had watched online worship before they came because that was when the food drive had been announced.

In other words on Pentecost Sunday, we had online worship, in person learning and fellowship, plus hands-on mission. It was the church in spirit and in the flesh. All without being in our building. It was a great lesson for us as we continue to learn new ways to be the church.

And next Sunday, the Lord’s Workers class will meet at 11:30AM at the church. So we are phasing in our in person small groups.

Looking Ahead:

No Bible Study this week (June 3)  Pastor Jim will be out of town and away from a reliable Internet or Cell Phone signal.

Sunday June  7 Ali Miguel will be preaching on 2 Corinthians 5:16-21 and our ministry of reconciliation. As always, this will be available on our YouTube channel at 9AM.

Sunday June 14 Our Summer Worship Theme Begins: “A Camp Christian Summer: You can’t go to Camp but Camp can come to you.”

Also on June 14, our Sisters in Christ will gather from 5-7 in the backyard of Holly and Jim’s house (86 W. Case Dr., Hudson, Ohio). This is a BYOE event – “Bring your own everything – chair, beverage, food, and whatever else you need.”

Drive in Worship  “Grads and Dads.” Sunday June 21 at 10:45AM. There was a lot about this in last week’s blog and there will be more in the future. You are invited to participate in whatever way you feel safe. Online worship will still be offered. We  will begin a food drive that Sunday to fill our blessing box and supply our food pantry.

A Message from Dt. Timothy James, a friend of mine, and an Associate General Minister of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ):




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