Drive In Worship This Sunday at New Horizons Christian Church

Join us on Sunday June 21 for our first Drive In Worship Service at New Horizons Christian Church. The service will begin at 10:45AM, and you can participate in a variety of ways. You can remain in your car with the windows up and listen on your AM radio to the sound. You can remain in your car and open the windows. Or you can leave your car entirely and sit in the chair that you will bring. Do whatever feels safest to you. Please bring everything you will need including your own communion (though pre-filled individual communion will be available). If and when you are out of your car, we strongly encourage social distancing and mask wearing. The building will be open for restroom use only.

To keep the parking lot as open as possible, we ask that if you plan on sitting in a chair that your park you car on a side street or consider parking across the street in the former IGA lot. If parking in our lot, please enter by the Meade Avenue entrance. This set-up is similar what we have done at our Back to School carnivals.

We will honor our graduates and fathers on Sunday (Grads and Dads), but this service will be for everyone. Since this is our first attempt at Drive-In worship, we anticipate some glitches and we ask you to be patient. We hope to learn from this and have later outside services in July and August.

Please bring a non-perishable food item for out food pantry/blessing box.

The message will be “The Tower” which is part of our “You can’t go to Camp, but Camp can come to you” series.

Online Worship will not be available at 9AM as is has been for the past three months but will be on our YouTube channel on Sunday night. 

Community Prayer Event After our Drive-In worship, we are offering everyone the opportunity to participate in a prayer exercise using the Ray Christy prayer cross that has become a fixture of our  Lenten season. We also hope to attract some of our neighbors.

Also on Sunday Our Friendship and Lord’s Workers classes will be meeting in the parking lot at 9:30

Coming attractions: Cara McKeown is having a graduation party on July 26th from 2:00-5:00pm at the Firestone VFW Pavilion (behind the building) at 690 W. Waterloo Rd., Akron, OH.  If you have any questions please call Fran at 330 801-2499.

This weeks Zoom meetings:

Reopening Task Force – Tuesday at 7PM.

Bible Study on Ephesians – Wednesday at 7PM, This week’s text: Ephesians 1:15-23.  Contact Pastor Jim for log-in information.

Camp Christian programs will be online in July. Here is the link that will provide more information:


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