Adventures in life at NHCC…

On “this week’s Adventures in life at NHCC,” we have a lot share, so please read through carefully so you don’t miss anything!

Sunday July 19:

It’s Drive In Worship Week! Join us Sunday at 10 am in our parking lot for worship.

Please note that given the current situation with the increase in cases of  the Corona virus being reported, if you do choose to come to Drive In Worship on Sunday, please adhere to the following: Masks must be worn and social distancing must be followed. Give people space. We want to care for and to protect each other. If you don’t feel well, it is better to stay at home and watch the worship service later in the day on our YouTube channel. If you want to hum along or sing quietly, please assess how close you are to others and wear your mask. If you think you are too close to others then you probably are. Communion will be provided in individual packets, but it is better to bring your own. You can stay in your car or sit outside in your own chair – whatever you feel comfortable doing.

A Church Update From Glenn Warner:

Hello New Horizons Christian Church members and friends.

During these unusual times we sometimes overlook how important it is to keep in touch. We are all searching for answers to our questions and trying to find ways to keep informed and updated on how the church is doing and what types of things we are looking to do in the future.

We are now into July and half of the year is behind us. Where do we stand?

Financially the church is in great shape up to this point. People have continued their giving and with the building being closed our expenses are currently down.

Here is a summary of where we stand as of the end of June.

Cash donations $91,351.00

Expenses $78,582.00

This leaves us with a surplus of $12,769.00 at this point.

Even in a pandemic we can find a ray of good news. Thanks to all of you who have generously continued your support for our church. Please continue to do so, it will help us to make improvements and maintain our facilities.

We recently had a drinking fountain leak on the third floor. Fortunately, this was caught before too much damage was done. We will look into replacing the old fountains with new ones and fix the floor on the third floor once we are able to reopen the church.

On a better note there is a Blessing Box outside of the entrance to the church. This is a place where we can donate non-perishable items that those in need can stop by and pick up anytime of the day.

We are also in the process of placing a Peace Pole on our property. This will be a great addition to the outside of our church and create a place where people can come and pray or meditate in a peaceful siren setting.

There is also discussion of looking into building a pavilion on the empty lots next to the church. This idea is in its infancy stage and needs more research to come to fruition. The space could be rented out for showers, birthdays, and outside weddings to mention a few things. The church could use it for outside services as well.

The Lords Workers and Friendship classes continue to meet on Sunday mornings to provide fellowship and opportunities to study the Lords word.

Anyone who would like to join either group is welcome to attend. We are practicing the Governor’s guidelines on social distancing as we meet. The time for meeting is 8:45 for the Friendship class and 9:00 for the Lords Workers class on Sunday morning. Bring a chair and something to drink and join us.

It’s great to see that our church is still very active. Providing opportunities to meet and providing online services each Sunday for those who don’t feel comfortable being out in public.

Hope to see everyone soon as we are able to reopen.

God Bless,

Glenn Warner

Happenings For You To Know About:

We Are Praying For You: Starting this week our Prayer Team will be praying for a different group of our members every week until all members and friends of our church have been prayed for. If you have a specific concern or joy that you want the Prayer Team to pray for, please contact Jim or Ali.

Sisters In Christ Garden Party Update: This is the following information from Cal: After reviewing all the information about the epidemic, and consulting with others, I feel it is not in our best interest to have a garden party, so I am cancelling the party.  I was looking forward to having everyone over, and not only the virus but the heat seems to be against us at this time.  In the meantime, I have the cutest table cloths ready for the card tables that we were going to set up, and I made some funny decorated cookies that Laddie will enjoy eating, and I have been looking forward to playing some games.  Ah well, it is in God’s hands, and we have to pray that everyone stays well.  So mask up, wash hands, social distance, and maybe we will see each other in the parking lot on Sunday.

God bless you all,   Cal

Bible Study: Next Zoom Bible Study at 7PM is on Wednesday July 22. The text we will be looking at will be Ephesians 4:17-32.

Virtual Campers: Send notes to our virtual campers this week who will be attending camp from home. Our campers are: Aryiah Adkins, Deona candle, and Noah Harper

Prayers, Praise, and Community Updates:

-Our condolences to Chris Bean. Her sister Carol passed away this week. If you wish to send Chris a card and need her address, please contact the church office, Pastor Jim or Ali.

-The Lois Lester Learning Center was broken into this past week and had a great deal of supplies and resources taken. Jim dropped of masks and gloves to them to help them begin to restock their resources. We will let you know if there is more the church can do to help.

-Gratitude and thanks to Bert and Kelly Slone for purchasing the Blessing Box that is up outside our church doors. And a thank you to Dan Barbuto and Jim Seger for installing the Blessing Box. We are grateful to be able to help #Lovethyneighbor in new and different ways. Thank you Bert, Kelly, Dan, and Jim for helping make this happen.

-Gratitude and thanks to Dorine Linnen for helping to bring fresh produce from our Community Garden to the garden cooler box under the Blessing Box. What a great way to help bring fresh food to our neighbors. Thanks Dorine!

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