Let’s go to the New Horizons Christian Church Drive-In This Sunday at 10AM

Drive-In Worship is planned for this Sunday August 16 at 10AM. This week’s Camp Christian story will be “The Blue Robin.” And as it has been most Sundays this summer, rain is a possibility. So far we have been able to have every service except one, so we are hopeful that we can gather on Sunday. If we have to cancel, we will send out an email blast as we did two weeks ago.

Some of you might be asking: “So when will we resume worship in our sanctuary?” The #1 priority of our church leadership during these challenging days has been to keep our church members safe and healthy. That is why we have made an online version of worship available every week on YouTube. We also acknowledge how important it is for the body of Christ to be able to worship together so that is why we have offered our drive-in services every other week this summer. One of the learnings of our Reopening Team that has guided our planning is that outdoor activities are safer than indoor activities. That is why our Sunday School classes have been meeting outside as well.

A big thank you to the healthy and caring behaviors that our members have demonstrated this summer including mask wearing and social distancing.

Not unlike the plans of various school districts across our area (and country), there is no “one size fits all” approach for churches to adopt when considering resuming worship inside and in person. Some churches have already reached the decision to offer online worship only for the rest of the year 2020, while others have returned to in person inside worship. Some churches who resumed inside worship for a while have changed their approach due to the outbreak of Covid-19 linked to their gatherings. Other churches had so few in person worshipers that they have cancelled these gatherings until conditions change.

Our Reopening Team will be meeting this coming week to reassess what is best for our church as we transition from the summer to the fall. We will be taking into account current Ohio and Summit County Health Department guidelines as well as ideas that have been developed by other churches as to the best way to move ahead.

As always, we appreciate your prayers, your patience, and your insights.

A NOTE FROM CARROLL CANDLE: Carroll would like to thank all those involved at New Horizons in the drive-by for Carroll Candle. She enjoyed seeing all the cars and hearing the horns blow for her.  It meant a lot.  Also to let you know that Carroll has been in the hospital at Akron City. She was in with stomach and heart problems.  She is supposed to come home today (Wednesday).  Carroll Candle is now a great great grandmother.  Joseph proud father,  (Michelle’s son).  The baby was a premie but is doing great, the baby’s name is also Joseph. 

Other Pastoral Concerns: Please keep Dee Lewis in your prayers. She is in hospice care at home.

Zoom Meetings this week:

Prayer Team – Tuesday night at 6PM.

Reopening Team – Tuesday at 7PM

Bible Study – Wednesday at 7PM

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