Join Us For Evening Vespers on Sunday Night at 7PM

Vespers Service – Join us for a special evening worship service this Sunday at 7PM as we wrap up our summer series and pivot to our fall series “Dream Big.” We will meet at 6PM to tailgate – we will share the experience but not the food, and music will begin at 6:50. Our service will help us name some of the losses and laments that we have experienced as well as respond in gratitude and hope for what God has in store for us this fall.

Rain is predicted for earlier in the day but should pass by the evening. The weather may have an impact on our adult classes that normally meet outside in the morning.

Meetings this week: Tuesday at 2 – Elders will meet outside; Zoom Prayer Team Tuesday at 6PM; Our Youth Group will meet Sunday the 20th at 9:30AM.

Reopening Plan – We shared this in the last blog but wanted to make sure we all got it. Please share any responses or ideas with our Re-Opening Team: Jim Bane, Ali Miguel, Glenn and Lisa Warner, Valdene Barbuto, Dorinne Linnen, and Helen Stager.

In order for us to safely come together for in person worship, the Re-opening Team recommends that New Horizons Christian Church follow the Ohio Risk Level Guidelines for social gatherings. If Summit County is at a Level One or Level Two, we will hold in person worship in the Sanctuary. If Summit County moves to a Level Three or a Level Four, then there will be no in person worship that week. Every week, no matter what level we are there will be an online worship option available. Online worship is here to stay for good. 

Although the Re-opening Team is doing our part to put best practices in place to create a safe environment for worship, everyone needs to help and do their part too. The responsibility falls on all of us using safe practices to keep one another safe and healthy. And everyone is encouraged to make the best decision for themselves about whether or not they attend any kind of social gathering, including in person worship. You need to make the best decision for you.

These are the following guidelines we have put into place for all of us to follow when we return to in-person worship. If you have attended any of our Drive-In Worship services this summer, many of these practices will be familiar to you. As always, we are learning new things and may need to make changes to this at some point. If or when that happens, we will be sure to communicate that as quickly as possible.

NHCC return to in-person requirements:

-Assess your own health before attending worship. COVID19 symptoms, which include fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath/difficulty breathing, muscle aches, or a new loss of taste or smell. If you experience any of those symptoms, or are uncertain about your health, please do not come to the church for worship.

– EVERYONE entering the church must wear a face mask. We recommend you bring your own mask if you have one. Masks will be available when you enter the church if you do not have one.

– When entering and leaving the building, please practice social distancing from anyone outside of your own household. Please, no hugging or handshakes. A friendly wave is the best alternative.

-Hand sanitizer will be available in various places throughout the church. Please sanitize your hands after entering the building, before leaving the building, and whenever it might appropriate for you to do so. 

-Every other pew will be blocked off for distancing requirements.

-Hymnals and Bibles will be removed from all the pews in the Sanctuary. Please bring your own Bible if you wish to do so.

-No offering plates will be passed. Offering plates will be sitting on a table right inside the Sanctuary where you may place your offering either before or after worship.

-Communion will be served via individual, prepackaged wafer & juice sets. These will be available for you to pick up prior to entering the Sanctuary.

-No congregational singing. Studies have shown that singing is the equivalent of a cough, and propels the virus 12-18 feet, compared to only 3-6 feet for ordinary speaking.

-For the foreseeable future, there will be no Children’s programming offered on Sunday mornings. Children will need to remain with their families during worship. Alternative methods to share the Worship and Wonder stories will be available online once a month.

-For the foreseeable future, there will be no child care person available to watch babies or toddlers in the Cry Room during worship.

-The church office is closed on Sunday to everyone other than our staff members. Please respect that space.

Again, as we navigate through this pandemic, we are always learning new things which can often lead us to make changes when and where we need to. As of right now, these will be our guidelines as we come back together for in person worship this fall.

Our Fall Worship Schedule


13  Evening Vespers Service Outside (BYO Dinner at 6 PM. Service Starts at 7PM)

20 “Dream Big: Get Ready to Dream Big, Part 1” Online

27 “Dream Big: Get Ready to Dream Big, Part 2” (Drive-In Worship at 10AM)

October  Worship Time Shifts to 10:45AM

4 “Dream Big: Set Absurd Expectations, Part 2 Online (Dress Rehearsal)

11 “Dream Big: Set Absurd Expectations, Part 2” (Drive-In Worship)

18 “Dream Big: Clear the Path, Part 1” (Dress Rehearsal)

25 “Dream Big: Clear the Path, Part 2” (Last Drive-In Worship)

November Worship Shifts to Sanctuary

1  “Dream Big: Push Through Setbacks, Part 1”  First Service in the Sanctuary. All Saints Day

8  Dream Big: Push Through Setbacks, Part 2”

15 “Dream Big: Land the Plane, Part 1”

22 Dream Big: Land the Plane, Part 2”

29 – First Sunday in Advent

Dream Big (based on the book of the same name by Bob Goff) will be our fall worship emphasis. You don’t have to buy the book to benefit from this series, but a small group will be meeting by Zoom on Wednesday nights starting September 23. Let Jim or Ali know if you are interested.

Our Sanctuary is open on Tuesday from 10AM – 2PM for private prayer time.

Food Ministry – Our blessing box has been discovered by our neighborhood and is a great 24/7/365 resource. Rose is also fielding a number of calls for groceries and when she prepares orders she is including fresh vegetables from our community garden. So we are helping to feed our neighbors.

How you can help: all non-perishable food items are appreciated for the blessing box and food pantry including canned vegetable and fruits, rice, pasta and sauce, cereal, and syrup.

Acme Receipts – We are still collecting these for the cash back program.

Two families have moved in recent weeks – The Stager family and the Miguel family. contact the church office to get their updated addresses

Our Girl Scout troop is raising money through the sale of chocolates and nuts. Contact Rose (330.733.3533) or Diane (330.283.0831) for details.

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