Weekly Update…


During worship this Sunday, January 24th, we will hear about the “Temptation of Jesus.” The scripture for this week is from Matthew 4:1-11.

 Join us on our YouTube channel to worship with us. Worship services are made available online every Sunday morning at 9:00 am and can be accessed any time after that.

An Update About Nominations: This information was sent out earlier this week in an all church email.

Hello all,
This certainly has been an unusual year in many respects for our church.  Normally we would have asked for nominations for our three boards in October and had a congregational meeting in December to vote on the nominations. Obviously, we were unable to follow our normal constitutional manner of business.  In light of the COVID 19 restrictions the Deacons and Trustees boards have decided to extend their members terms which would have expired at the end of January of 2021 until January 31st of 2022.  The Elders whose terms are expiring were asked to remain on the board until March of this year. 

So I am asking you to nominate a member you believe would be a good choice for the position of Elder.  Nominations are due by February 5, 2021. You may by email to Valdene, or you can drop off your nominations at the church in an envelope addressed to the attention of the Elders, or mail it to the church, again to the attention of the Elders. 

Nominations for Elders will be voted on by the congregation. With nominations due by February 5th, we plan to have a slate ready to be voted on by March 1.

Voting will by mail or drop off at the church or by an email.  If you have any questions please ask Jim, Ali, or any Elder. 

Elders whose terms are ending and ineligible for nomination ( Elders must take a year off between terms by out constitution)-

Pat B., Jim R., Cheryl S. 

Elders serving with unexpired terms –

Valdene B., Karen B., and Barb J.

Certainly miss seeing each one of you!  Take care. 


Chairperson of the Board of Elders

One last reminder: If you know anyone would benefit from receiving a DVD of our worship services please please let Jim or Ali know.

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