Women’s Group Meeting Change

I apologize but I need to move our Women’s Group Meeting to THURSDAY evening, May 6th,  instead of Wednesday May 5th. 

I just had something (family issue) come up and there is no way I will be done with it in time for our group to meet. I decided the best thing to do was just move our meeting to the following day instead. 

Hopefully, many of you will still be able to make it. I am SO looking forward to connecting with everyone and catching up. 

Again, my apologies for having to switch nights. Sometimes life surprises us, especially when we have things in place just the way we want them. 

This information was sent out in an email and posted on our NHCC Women’s Group Facebook page but please help share this information so we can make sure everyone receives it!

See you Thursday!!! 

If you have any questions, feel free to email or text me.

In grace and peace,


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