Board Meeting Reminder

Just a reminder that there the is a board meeting tonight, Tuesday July 20th at 7:00 pm at the church. The topic of discussion with be the proposed pastoral transition plan that has been shared and discussed for the past month.

All are welcome to attend the board meeting. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to any of the elders or Pastor Ali.

This is the Proposed Plan for the Transition of our Pastoral Staff

Pastor Jim Bane has faithfully served the New Horizons Christian Church as Pastor (and more recently Lead Pastor) since October of 2003 and has shared with the Elders and the Board that he intends to retire from his ministry with us at the end of 2021. We are grateful for his time with us and are excited for both Jim and Holly concerning what the future holds for them.

Here is our plan for this transitional time in the life of our church.

  • For the remainder of 2021, Jim will maintain his role of Lead Pastor and will work alongside Ali Miguel in her role as Co-Pastor. As it has been since July of 2020, they will share preaching, worship leadership, pastoral care, and other ministries. In addition, both will work to prepare the church for moving into the next phase of its life.
  • Starting in 2022, Ali will continue her ministry at New Horizons but in a different role as our Transitional Interim Pastor. Ali has received Interim Ministry Training through our Region, and due to her familiarity with our congregation is well-suited for this new position.
  • With the pastor position secured, our congregation will have the time it needs to evaluate itself, its neighborhood, and its future ministry possibilities which will help inform its search for a new pastoral leader or continuing the co-pastor model. The clearer picture that the church has of its own strengths and opportunities, the more focused and successful it can be in the search process.
  • A search team will be appointed and will lead this process in consultation with Allen Harris, Regional Pastor and President of the Christian Church in Ohio. Rev. Harris has been informed of our needs and has already begun to advise us.
  • Pastor Ali is eligible to be a candidate for the installed pastor position if she feels called to be so.
  • An ad-hoc committee will be formed to develop various phases of the pastoral staff transition.  The committee will be appointed by the Elders board. 
  • In terms of how long the search process will take, there is no definitive answer especially with Covid’s impact on so many things both in the church and beyond it. The key is for the church to conduct a thorough and unhurried search and be open to the leading of the Holy Spirit. We are hopeful that the person called will be able to serve and lead our congregation for many years to come.

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