This Week at NHCC…

Worship Information for Sunday September 5th

10:45 am worship service will be outside in the Parking Lot. If there is inclement weather or we have technical difficulties, worship will move inside. Sunday will be a “Hymn Sing Sunday.” We look forward to being able to sing some of our favorite hymns together.

Our online service will be recorded but won’t available until later in the day.

If we are outside, you do not need to wear a mask. If we are inside, we ask that you please wear a mask while in the building.

Also, this Sunday, there will be coffee and donuts for everyone after worship! It will be a fun day of singing and catching up with one another while enjoying a cup of coffee and donut or two.   

A Great Big THANK YOU From Ali  

Thank you to everyone who was a part of my ordination service this past Sunday. It was an incredible day and it would not have been as special without all of your love and support. Thank you to Helen, Paula, and all the other deacons who took care of the reception. Thank you to Ted, and the other trustees who mowed grass and got the outside of our building looking nice. Thank you to Rose for making all the bulletins, helping with flowers, and all the other behind the scene administrative tasks that were done. Thank you to Tammy and Sam for playing in my service and to Sam for helping with the technology issues. Thank you to Dorine for bringing over the beautiful sunflowers from the community garden. Thank you to Holly for decorating the reception area with so many beautiful flowers. Thank you to Cal and Laddie for taking pictures. Thank you to the elders, deacons, quilters, and everyone for all that was done to make the day so special. And thank you to Jim, for all he did to support, teach, and encourage me to keep following God’s call. So many people did so much in order to make this service and this day possible. Thank you for everything! It is a true blessing to be a part of such a loving, supportive, and generous community of faith.

In grace and peace,

Rev. Ali 😊


Every Tuesday – Prayer Team @ 6:00 via Zoom

Tuesday Sept. 14 – Elders

Baby Back Pack Assembly Day!

On Sunday, September 12th, following worship, the Sisters in Christ, and anyone who would like to help, will be filling the Baby backpacks with all the supplies.

Some snacks will be provided for those who stay to help. Feel free to reach out to Holly or Ali with any questions.

If anyone brings anything in, please leave it in a bag near the crib so that we can keep track of the number of items added.

As of September 2nd … Here are the total number of baby items we have and what we still need:

Product                                                          We Have                                         We Need

Baby Wipes                                                   93 packages                                    0

Diapers                                                          25 packages                                    5 packages

Fingernail Clippers                                       22                                                     8

Mucus Suction Bulbs                                   18                                                     12

Thermometers                                             12                                                     18

Receiving Blankets                                       30 + 8 Heavier                                0

Socks                                                              83 + 10 Booties                              0

Pacifiers                                                         29                                                     1

Sleepers/Onesies                                        72                                                     0                                                         

An Outfit/Pants                                            56                                                     0

Hats                                                              30 Heavy – 21 Soft                        9 Soft Newborn

Diaper Rash Cream                                      24                                                     6

Bottles                                                           106 + 1 Nursing Set                       0

Bottle Brush                                                  31 (3 are Doubles)                        0

Bibs                                                                72                                                     0

Burp Cloths                                                   10                                                     20

Pacifier Wipes                                              8                                                       22

Teethers                                                        22                                                     8

Baby Toy                                                        8                                                       22

Breast Feeding Pads                                    6                                                       24

Baby Changing Liners                                  32                                                     0

Extras not on list:

Shampoo/Wash                                           12

Moisturizers                                                 4

Food Items                                                    21

One set of baby utensils                             1


According to the new recommendations by the CDC and the Summit County Health Department, New Horizons is now requests that masks be worn while you are inside the church building.

We want to make sure we are doing our part to protect one another. If you do not have a mask or forget yours, masks will be available.

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