Worship Changes

The Elders, Re-opening Team, and Pastor Ali have discussed the rapid increase of Covid cases and how quickly those numbers continue to rise. After sharing some different thoughts and insights, the Elders, Re-opening Team and Pastor Ali agreed upon the following plan of action for our church community.

1) Worship for the next two Sundays is ONLINE ONLY. Sunday January 2nd and Sunday January 9th, no in person gathering at the church. 
2) Sunday School Classes will postpone meeting during the month of January
3) Worship and Wonder will be postponed during the month of January

The Elders, Re-opening Team and Pastor Ali  will meet again in two weeks to reassess things and determine our path forward. 

This is not the way we hoped to ring in the New Year, but we can’t change the circumstances. All we can do is come together and make the best decisions that respond to our situation with love and care for all people. 

Rose and Ali will continue to have office hours at the church so if you need anything, feel free to contact Rose or Ali anytime. 
New Year blessings to you all and we will see you online Sunday! 

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