Baby Backpack Program needs supplies.

New Horizons Women’s Ministry is collecting items to fill backpacks full of baby supplies to help new and expectant mothers in the Akron area. The Akron Urban League is leading this project and we are working with them to help make this possible.

The following is a list of (new) items that are needed for the backpacks. You can drop the items off at the church or you can send in a monetary donation and we will purchased the items on your behalf.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Pastor Ali, Holly Bane, or Cal Wolf.

Baby Bag Needs List  (please make sure all items are new and left in their original packages)

Baby wipes, Diapers, Fingernail clippers, Mucus suction tool, Thermometer, Receiving blanket, Socks, Pacifiers, Sleepers, An outfit, Hats, Diaper rash cream, Bottles, Bottle brush, Bibs, Burp cloths, Pacifier wipes, Teethers, Baby toy (lovey, stuffed animal, books), Breast feeding pad, Baby changing liner

Our Food Pantry is always in need and so is our Blessing Box! 

You can drop off your donation at the spot designated for Food Pantry and Blessing Box items at the Welcome Center in the Gathering Area right inside the main doors of the church.

Food pantry and Blessing Box items that are regularly needed:

Pancake Mix, Maple Syrup, Boxed Mashed Potatoes, Jars/cans of Gravy, Noodles, Pasta, Pasta Sauce, Canned Chicken, Canned Ham, Cooking Oil, and Salad Dressing, Tea, Coffee (1 Pound Can), Peanut Butter, and Jelly, granola bars, cereal, boxed macaroni and cheese, and other non-perishable items.