Live Streaming

We are live streaming our worship services Sunday mornings at 10:45 AM. You can find the live stream service on our YouTube channel.


In-Person Worship

Those who feel comfortable are welcome to attend worship on Sunday in the Sanctuary at the church. Worship services every Sunday are at 10:45 AM. We are asking that those who do come to worship, please wear a mask while in the building.

What to Expect

Our goal for our worship services at New Horizons is for you to experience the presence of the living God. Many of us have busy weeks filled with numerous activities and stresses, and for at least one hour a week we invite you to put all those things aside and focus on God.

During worship you will be encouraged to sing songs of praise, to open your heart to God in prayer, to listen to God’s word read and preached, and to participate in communion. Our worship style is uncomplicated and informal, and our music can best be called a blending of classic and newer songs.

There is no dress code for worship at New Horizons. You don’t have to impress anyone with your clothes. We encourage you to come just as you are. The communion meal or Lord’s Supper is open to everyone.  We hope that you come and worship God with us soon.