Palm Sunday Weekend

Palm Sunday Service – Sunday April 5: We won’t be gathering in person, and the florist that usually provides our palms is closed. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t be worshiping this weekend. At 9AM our worship service will be posted on our YouTube channel, and you will notice some new additions including music and communion.

If you want to prepare in advance, you can have a cup of any drink handy (Remember: This is communion) plus a piece of bread or cracker. Though we won’t be sitting next to one another, we know that sharing the Lord’s supper will help us feel closer together.

Our text this Sunday will be John 6:16-21 – Jesus walking on the water, and our sermon title will be “Do you believe you can overcome your fears?”

Maundy Thursday: The details are still being worked out, but we hope to have some worship experience available.

Offering: We had another healthy financial offering last week. What a faith statement on your part. Thanks to everyone who has dropped off their offering at the  church, sent in a check, or is having a check sent in electronically.

Search Team: Our Search Team for our part-time Co-Pastor position met via a conference call on Tuesday night  to discuss a brief job description and make decisions about posting the position. The position description has been sent to our Regional Office and has also been listed on the Ashland Seminary website as well as sent along to other seminaries. It is also on Facebook and our own church website. The application deadline is May 1. Search Team members include Valdene Barbuto (Chair), Glenn Warner, Chris Bean, Helen Stager, Adam Seger, and Pastor Bane.

Church Office Hours: On most mornings, someone is at the church office, but it is best to call in advance if you plan to stop by.

Prayer Team: Our prayer team continues to pray every week for your joys and concerns. Send them along to Pastor Jim.

Communication and Support: Please make every effort to stay connected and to encourage one another.


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