Worship and Wonder Sunday – April 26

Worship and Wonder Sunday: At 9am on Sunday, be sure to go to our YouTube channel and join us for a special Worship and Wonder story presented by Dorine Linnen. If you were in our sanctuary last year when Dorine shared a story you will recall how captivated the children were. So encourage families you know to tune in on Sunday for a story that is sure to be a highlight for children as well as adults.

Looking Ahead: Jim will be preaching on Acts 2:42-47 on May 3.

Online Giving, http://www.givelify.com: We have launched a new online giving option to make it easier for everyone to support the ministries of the New Horizons Christian Church without having to mail a check into the church or drop it off. It is called Givelify and is used by our General church office.

There is no monthly fee for this service either for you or for the church. If you do use it, the charge is 2.9% of the transaction plus .30. In other words, if you give $100, the church will receive $96.80.

The easiest way to use Givelify is to install an app on your smart phone, but you do not have to download the app to use Givelify. When it asks for the church, make sure to indicate New Horizons Christian Church, 290 Darrow Rd. Akron, 44305 since there are other New Horizons churches in our country.

You can continue to support New Horizons in the same way that you have been doing it all along, but we wanted to give people additional options. I have used Givelify and can attest how easy it is.

A big thank you to all who have continued to support New Horizons during these unusual times.

Zoom Bible Study: I am launching an online Bible Study through Zoom. We will be looking at the text that I will be preaching on the next Sunday. It will be Wednesday evenings at 7PM starting April 29. To join, please let me know of your interest and I will include you in the meeting information. You can join either by phone or computer.

Co-Pastor Search Team: Our search team is meeting by Zoom on Thursday night April 23. We have received four resumes so far, and the deadline for resumes is May 1.

Elders Meeting: Our Elders met via Zoom this past week, and among other things they discussed what would be needed to resume “in person” worship again. That day is not imminent but we know it is coming some day. One of our Elders remarked that when we meet together again it will be with “a spirit of gratitude, love, and not fear.” AMEN

A Special Invitation from Terri Allen:

Well since we won’t be able to do a party in church for Brianna’s graduation anytime soon. We have decided to do a drive thru one. Graduation drive thru party for Brianna Allen Sunday May 31st, from 12pm to 2 pm in the parking lot. We are asking that everyone that can please come and give her an encouraging message. These seniors are missing so much of the final rituals and they are so unsure right now if they will get anything like Prom or any of the senior awards or banquets even Graduation. They sure didn’t know there last time at school was there last time walking through the halls. She needs some love and encouragement. She is going to Ashland University starting in the fall (probably still online schooling).

(If we are allowed by then this will be inside)

Thanks Terri Allen

She will be studying Psychology. If you have any questions please call Terri at 330.714.4423


Stay Safe, Faithful, and Hopeful,

Pastor Jim

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